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Casting Crates / Pal-Box

North American Container's Pal-Box is the ideal shipping and storage container for heavy, loose loads such as castings, soil pipe, forgings, iron and plastic pipe fittings and stampings. It's great for concrete and stone pavers and facings, pre-packaged parts and many other products. Pal-Box can replace wire-bound wood crates in most cases.

Pal-Box is a shook style, banded wooden pallet box that can be designed to fit your load and handling requirements.

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Pal-Box utilizes the superior strength, weather resistance and relative low cost of wood. Side slat and base deck board thickness and spacing can be varied according to your product size for minimum cost. Pal-Box offers a viable alternative to a wire-bound wood crate.

  • Superior strength and weather resistance of wood
  • 2-Way or 4-Way forklift/pallet jack entry
  • For export requirements Pal-Box can use HT Wood
  • No Nailing. Sides interlock and banding is all that is needed

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