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Wood Replacement Pallets and Skids

Fully recyclable Fibre/Core® pallets project your company's positive attitude concerning the environment. By using a Fibre/Core® product you'll save your customers many headaches, as well as money, by not having to dispose of wooden pallets. In short, you will be seen as a company moving forward, a company solving problems and not creating new ones.

By varying the build-up content, NACC can engineer protective slip sheets and pallets that have the combination of strength and cost that is best for you and your product.

Please contact our sales department for additional information on our Fibre/Core ® pallets and other fully recyclable packaging products.

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V Tray

Fibre/Core® Trays will protect your product from bottom damage during shipment and by using multi-directional V-Groovers, NACC's trays provide clamp strength.  Mated with corner posts, and inserted into a corrugated box with top cap, you have a fully recyclable pack that has offers superior protection from all directions for your product.
Fibre/Core Pallet
3 Stringer Shipping Pallet
Fibre/Core Appliance Base
Custom Die-cut Base
Fibre/Core ® Pallets replace or complement "Slave Pallets" by providing flat solid work surfaces while on the conveyor, and a shipping platform once your product is complete

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NACC's Steel Pallets are designed for your load and handling requirements.

Steel Pallets and Skids

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