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Wood-Cleated Corrugated Packaging

NACC's wood-cleated corrugated packs are specially designed for your products. We also consider your production line, conveyors, handling methods and equipment, warehousing and shipping requirements. Our cleated corrugated packs combine the great strength of wood reinforcement with a strong, attractive and protective corrugated body. Your company's logo, advertising and product description can be printed to your specifications.

Products as varied as tillers, lawn tractors, snow blowers, personal water vehicles, motorcycles, generators and outboard motors are shipped in NACC's cleated containers.  Any, and all, odd shaped heavy product can benefit from North American Container's designs.

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A Double Strip Tube Pack
Wood Cleated Corrugated Packaging

NACC packs are made of readily recyclable materials. Your customers are able to easily and quickly separate the corrugated components from the wood members. The corrugated board is baled for sale to a paper recycler and the wood parts are disposed of easily.

NACC packs are much faster to set up on your pack lines than cumbersome all-corrugated packaging with many inserts and pads. They are stronger than wood crates and wirebound wood boxes, yet less expensive when pack cost plus line labor is totaled. Protection from pilferage, dust and the elements is provided by the strong and attractive corrugated body.

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NACC's Returnable Steel Packs (RSPs) are designed specifically for your products, your assembly lines, and your handling and distribution methods.

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