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Steel Pallets and Skids

NACC's Steel Pallets are designed for your load and handling requirements.

Advantages include:

  • No fumigation or heat treatment required for export use.
  • Increased recyclability. Steel is readily recyclable, saving landfill space and creating recycling revenue for your customers.
  • Moisture Free. Reduced degrade of load due to moisture that is present in other pallet materials
  • Less Product Damage. Flat, smooth decks are free of dust, splinters and nail-head protrusion often found with wood pallets.
  • More Consistent Dimensions. This will enhance performance in automatic palletizers.
  • Greater Stiffness. Steel pallets offer better stiffness than plastic or other non-wood pallets.
  • Steel pallets are competitive with other pallet materials in price and weight.
  • There is also a stainless option for clean applications.

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Loaded Steel Pallet

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