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Steel Disposable Packaging

NACC's Disposable Steel Packs are designed for your units with consideration for strength and cost. These packs have steel bases, steel top frames and steel verticals. Under-carriage supports are specified where required.

Our disposable steel packs eliminate the need for the export certification now required of wood-based packaging. They have excellent dimensional consistency and high stacking and lateral racking strength.

Steel verticals are attached to a strong double-wall corrugated outer body in the disposable steel package. This provides the necessary "X-bracing" for lateral racking resistance during stacked handling and shipment. It gives a neat, clean, printable surface for advertising and product description information.

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The corrugated body also serves to reduce contamination by dust and dirt and discourages pilferage of parts from your units. Your dealers can easily separate the corrugated from the verticals for complete recyclability of both materials.

For outside storage, water resistant coatings can be applied to the corrugated. Or you may choose an attractive, printed woven-plastic or poly bag to cover the entire pack or just the unit.

Our disposable steel packs are easy and fast to set up on your pack lines with air-operated screw guns. The disposable steel pack is a great pack for shipment to countries with restrictions on wood packaging.

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Our cleated corrugated packs combine the great strength of wood reinforcement with a strong, attractive and protective corrugated body. Your company's logo, advertising and product description can be printed to your specifications.

Wood Cleated Boxes

Great stacking, racking and top-loading strength are all features of NACC returnable steel packs.

Returnable Steel Packaging

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