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Wood Replacement Material

North American Container Corporation, announces the development of Fibre/Core®, wood replacement material comprised of solid fibre and corrugated board. This revolutionary material is made to specific formulas which determine the relative position and thickness of the fibre and corrugated layers for required stiffness and compression strength. Fibre/Core® planks are produced in varying thickness, widths, and combinations.

These planks can be processed by standard woodworking saws and can be tenoned and mortised for joining. Central webs of solid fibre are possible in Fibre/Core® planks yielding structures similar to H and I beams. Fibre/Core® has a great advantage over hollow solid fibre tubes in that a core glue surface is present after notching or tenoning which allows lap joined frames to be made. Fibre/Core® can be processed into pallets, top support frames and corner posts for heavy duty packaging where high stacking strength, clamp or fork truck strength is necessary.

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You're  concerned about how your product is packaged and in what condition it arrives on your customer's dock. You realize that packaging is an opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition and create another favorable image for your product and company. A Fibre/Core® pallet can only enhance a positive packaging image!
Layered and/or edged with solid fiber or wood, Fibre/Core® as raw sheet stock offers a stiff, light weight alternative to pressed or strand board surfaces.  Ideal for edge banding applications and as an internal core for water proof laminated tables and furniture surfaces.
By varying the build-up content, NACC can engineer a Fibre/Core® solution that has the combination of strength and cost that is best for you and your product.
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