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Automotive Racking Solutions

Each NACC Steel Rack is custom designed and manufactured based upon the items to be conveyed and protected.  NACC uses customer supplied 3D Models to integrate directly into product manufacturing specifications to ensure fit and form.  Alternatively, prototype or production samples can easily be integrated into designs.

Low friction, high capacity casters and hitches are available.  Powder or spray paint and testing services are offered.

  • Design, Prototype, and Manufacture Finished Racks
  • Engineered to Your Product Specifications       
  • Quick Turn Around Time
  • Powder Coat Paint                  
  • Variety of Hitching Systems
  • Fixed and Swivel Wheel  Options


More Images of Automotive Material Handling Racks

Automotive Alternator
Automotive Material Handling Racks

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NACC's Disposable Steel Packs (DSPs) are designed for your units with consideration for strength and cost. These packs have steel bases, steel top frames and steel verticals. Under-carriage supports are specified where required.

Recyclable Steel Packaging

NACC's Returnable Steel Packs (RSPs) are designed specifically for your products, your assembly lines, and your handling and distribution methods.

Returnable Steel Packaging

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