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NACC operates one of the country’s largest I.S.T.A. certified testing labs from our corporate headquarters in Atlanta, GA. 

Our design engineers, manufacturing engineers and materials sourcing teams will work side by side with you to configure materials, processes and delivery systems to ensure that your products can be stored and delivered safely.  The design process will produce the most cost efficient package that conveys quality, value and the desired market image.

Although ISTA test standards are rigorous, many customers’ delivery systems require a customized set of criteria.  North American Container has over 45 years of experience and can replicate actual field conditions in a controlled laboratory environment to design a packaging solution that will overcome potential problems in the field.

Solutions developed in the laboratory are implemented on site at the customer pack line.  NACC’s field team will follow each 'pack out' through delivery to identify down stream opportunities for cost reduction and design improvement prior to mass production.
ISTA and ASTM Testing

Standard ISTA testing for large packages include Compression Testing, Incline and Impact Testing, Rotary Motion and Vibration testing for products up to fifty thousand pounds.

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